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Dries Cronje

Content Marketer

Hi, my name is Dries Cronje and I’m a Certified Content Marketer through SmartBlogger.com. My articles are written to please their human readers, but also to rank well at the search engines. Once you have identified the keyword you want to rank for, my job is to create content worthy of the top spot.
I have been a content marketer since 2003, and my writing has evolved and grown with the SEO industry.
Useful marketing

Your best prospect are those who find your business via the search engines.

We live in an era where permission marketing is the only style of marketing that is widely accepted. People don’t want to be interrupted. This means that there’s no prospect more valuable for your business than the prospect that finds you (rather than you finding them in some way). 

Writing for RESULTS!

You can read my writing sample here: Small Business Marketing: How to Explode Your Growth in 2019 It’s an “ultimate guide” post (following the Skyscraper approach).

Here are a few examples of my writing on the web:

I’m the founder and owner of Inner Calm, Outer Power blog so you’re also very welcome to view some of my writing there.

Hello from Cape Town, South Africa!

I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m happily married to the wife of my dreams! I have two kids (for now) who are a deep source of joy.

Apart from writing, reading and personal growth, I’m interested in (and can create content on:

  • Online Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Derivative Trading
  • Male Fashion

I also have a dream to create a non-profit organization that will make a real difference to my country that has the potential to become a first world country .

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